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About 3DZ Creative L.E.D Lighting

Specializing in new L.E.D lighting technology. We offer a wide and varied range of the most advanced led lighting based products for accent lighting design, architecture, automotive and signage applications. Based in the UK, we have a combined knowledge and expertise in this industry of over 30 years. 3DZ are able to provide you with the very latest led lighting and related products.

As a company, 3DZ are constantly looking for new ways and advances in technology to bring about new lighting, display methods and techniques.

We can offer full ODM and OEM based on existing emitters and modules. LED based products for therapeutic, curing and automotive use, in most wavelengths, including UV 415nm, Red 633nm and Yellow 633nm with high Lumen output. Or something out of the ordinary. Feel free to contact us with your product requirements. Wavelength tolerance is usually within +/- 5 nm. For example 415 nm would be 410 nm to 415 nm or 415 nm to 420 nm. 633 nm would be 625 nm to 635 nm or 630 nm to 640 nm. 585 nm would be 580 nm to 590 nm or 585 nm to 595 nm. 830 nm would be 825 nm to 835 nm or 830 nm to 840 nm.

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About L.E.D Lighting

Environmental Protection:

The solid state light (SSL) technology is predicated to provide impressive economic and environmental savings of $98 billion by 2020 and 50% reduction of carbon-emission pollutants.  LED technology, the most promising SSL device, will allow a wide variety of lighting and enhancement in color and high-intensity performance. 

Quality Long Lifespan:

With a life expectancy of over 50,000 hours, LEDs provide approximately over 50 times of longer life than conventional incandescent bulbs.  The LED provides a maintenance free solution.

A Variety of Colors:

LEDs offer users a broard spectrum of color choices.  Our standard colors include red, red-orange, yellow, amber, yellow-green, pure green, blue, and white.  In addition LEDs are readily controllable and can be programmed to make subtle color changes, color temperature, and dual colors.

Less Power Consumption:

LEDs are compound semiconductor devices, run on low operating voltage and convert electricity into light.  They require far less energy than conventional light sources, and therefore provide cost-savings. Today, our high-intensity (H-I) LED light engine can also be powered from 1watt to 3watt to get equal lighting efficiency as incandescent bulbs. 

Design Possibilities:

With their compact size, LEDs can be used in places unreachable with conventional lighting.  LEDs can be arranged in a number of different array configurations.  Optical techniques can make a LED light source display uniform, sparkled, prismatic, annular, or any other possible shapes. This creates many lighting possibilities.

What Next?

White light LED technology, high power LED packaging and low heat LED modules will see further engineering improvements. The future is very bright for LED light.